spare «spair», verb, spared, spar|ing, adjective, spar|er, spar|est, noun.
1. to show mercy to; refrain from harming or destroying: »

He spared his enemy. He hoped that the squire's life would be long spared (Anthony Trollope).

2. to show consideration for; save, as from labor or pain: »

We walked uphill to spare the horse. Her cruel tongue spares nobody who makes a mistake.

3. to get along without; do without: »

Can you spare a moment to discuss the problem? Father couldn't spare the car; so I had to walk. Caesar and Pompey must each spare a legion for the East (James A. Froude).

4. to make (a person) free from (something); relieve or exempt (a person) from (something): »

She did the dishes to spare Mother. I did the work to spare you the trouble. Spare me the gory details.

5. to refrain from using; forego, omit; forbear: »

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

6. to use in small quantities or not at all; be saving of; stint: »

to spare no expense.

7. to set aside; keep in reserve for a particular use or purpose; have free: »

to spare some time for reading, to have an hour to spare, to spare some pasture for a crop.

1. to show mercy; refrain from doing harm: »

spare not for spoiling of thy steed (Scott).

2. to be saving, economical, or frugal: »

I, who at some times spend, at others spare (Alexander Pope).

1. free for other use; surplus: »

spare time.

2. not in actual or regular use; in reserve; extra: »

a spare tire, a spare room.

3. not fat or plump; thin; lean: »

Lincoln was a tall, spare man.

SYNONYM(S): lank, gaunt.
4. small in quantity; meager; scanty: »

a spare meal.

5. frugal or economical, especially in regard to food: »

To get thin, one should live on a spare diet.

1. a spare thing, such as a part, tire, or room.
2. Bowling. a) the knocking down of all the pins with two rolls of the ball. b) the score for doing this.
[Old English sparian]
spare´a|ble, adjective.
spare´ness, noun.
spar´er, noun.

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